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Uniting in the astral bands of frequency where psychological debris,
the living speech of the dead,
and residual vibrations from a long-gone earth now celestially dwell,
SFU emerges as one of the great bands of the 21st century.
Beyond post-modern, beyond post-prophecy,
SFU reigns with an electro-pop palette
in tow with a muse’s brush that touches everywhere and everything…
Everything that holds us with question and meaning.
“infused with sensibilities culled from the new-wave era”
“Dangerous mutant electro-pop”
“The Kind of Music You Might Hear at a Cyborg Wedding Reception”
For those who revel in…
Forest for the Trees
circa-1984 Depeche Mode
the B-52’s
Deborah Harry
Siouxsie and the Banshees
the Doors
Philip Glass
image of wireframe listening human head
image of wireframe drop of water on a pool