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Sci-Fi Uterus is witty, silly, covertly literate and highly musical, which should gain the band an audience with fans of electronica, space fiction and musical theater, and children under eight.
Sci-Fi Uterus is a fine name for a band, and the act’s CD, Into the Bloodbath, Into the Dream…, is every bit as odd as its moniker.
The music is infused with sensibilities culled from the new-wave era, The spacy vocals are pure B-52s…Different can be good - and Sci-Fi Uterus is different.
Pop Song, 2007
Pop Song album cover Pop Song CD label
  1. Poetry
  2. Bada-Bing
  3. Lone Cello
  4. Siren
  5. Pop Song
  6. Revelation
  7. Ode to…
  8. Siren (U-bait Remix)
Songs to Lynch, 2003
Songs to Lynch album cover Songs to Lynch CD label
  1. Lost (in a Movie)
  2. Button for Porno
  3. Village Secret
  4. Thin
  5. Mary Came
  6. Silky Pearl
  7. Attavismaboogie
  8. Roads (Unfettered Trances)
  9. Vision of You
  10. Jammin’
  11. Saturday Driver
Primal Lick, 2000
Primal Lick album cover Primal Lick CD label
  1. Raw & Vital
  2. Beauty
  3. Rome
  4. Hyperhead
  5. Heat to Sink
  6. Anaconda
  7. Subterranean
  8. Jewels Venus
  9. Remember
  10. Primal Lick
  11. Standing Ahead
  12. Cuidado Amor
  13. Eurojeloud (Pan-ic Remix)
Into the Bloodbath, Into the Dream…, 1998
Into the Bloodbath, Into the Dream... album cover Into the Bloodbath, Into the Dream... CD label
  1. Smokin’ a Vagina in China
  2. Where is Your Ocean?
  3. Bou Jeloud
  4. Deep Things
  5. Glorious Interiors
  6. Without Moon
  7. On Colfax
  8. Ultra Pink
  9. Kiss in the Storm
  10. Making Headway